4 Reasons You Need a Water Softener In Your Home

Many East Anglian residents know all too well the problems that come from living in a hard water area can cause in the home. However, there are plenty of people in the East of England and beyond who underestimate the problems that can occur without having a good quality water softener installed in the home.

At Plumb Mate, we always encourage our customers to install good quality water softeners for 4 very specific reasons:

1) Plumbing & Lime Scale

We’ve all seen the lime scale adverts on the TV, and the build up of calcium in hard water is a very real problem for many household appliances. Lime scale build up can lead to:

  • Decrease in water pressure
  • Pipe blockages
  • Minerals eating holes in pipes
  • Water softeners work to eradicate lime scale sparing you from these disturbing problems.

2) Washing & Clothes

Many people don’t consider the effects that living in a hard water area can have on their daily appearance, with the results being seen on your washing:

  • Whites appear grey or yellowish
  • Clothes feel stiff and harsh to touch
  • Fibres are weakened leading to tears
  • Install a water softener and avoid these issues.

3) Body & Hair

Talking of your daily appearance, hard water can have a negative effect on your body and hair. Hard water generally doesn’t rinse as well as soft water, meaning you need more shower gel and shampoo, leaving your hair less shiny and your skin more likely to become blemished. Water softeners will banish any of your washing worries that come with hard water.

4) Tea & Coffee Taste

If you’re a big tea and coffee drinker, then you will notice the cloudiness of the water in your drink, which we have to say, is not the most appealing image. Installing a water softener will stop calcium and magnesium with the tea or coffee, and prevent the cloudy appearance of your drink.

Persuaded yet? Installing a water softener is definitely a smart move living in a hard water area.

For all of your plumbing supply needs including water softeners, speak to Plumb Mate today.

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