5 Epic Plumbing Fails

As one of the UK’s leading plumbing merchants, we’re suckers for a job done well. But we’ve also seen some of the worst plumbing fails that you will likely see. These epic plumbing fails will make your skin crawl.

Up Close & Personal

So, public toilets aren’t necessarily the most spacious or indeed private of places, but we all have our limits and someone clearly wasn’t thinking ahead when they proposed this somewhat frugal spacing between urinals.

Promise You Won’t Look?

Honestly, we fail to believe that no one identified this as a problem in the process of plumbing that toilet. The owner of this toilet can certainly say goodbye to any privacy that they might have had once. Maybe a curtain rail is in order?

Someone’s Going to Have a Wet Floor

Maybe we’ve been doing it wrong all this time, but we were under the impression that water was supposed to run into and down the drain, not onto the floor? Still, at least the water actually does run in the first place. Maybe a mop would be of use.

At Least Close the Door

We have nothing against a little bit of creative design at all, and windows in doors are great, but would you really be pleased with the positioning of this window if you were a guest in this household? We think not.

A For Effort

We’d love to meet the person who came up with this solution. Clearly, they’ve approached the problems as they’ve hit them, but we can’t help feel that they may have saved a good amount of time if they’d have thought about this a few hours before they butchered the door.

We’re quite frankly astounded at these, which is why we also recommend that if you are doing the job yourself, you plan it first and most importantly, come to Plumb Mate for all of your plumbing supplies.

Have you experienced any epic plumbing fails, let us know in the comments section below.

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