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5 Most Powerful Shower Heads: Ensuring the Best Pressure

If you love a good shower, you’ll know that great water pressure is the key to a wonderful wash. But if your flow isn’t quite up to scratch, there are a few ways to enhance your shower and boost the pressure as you scrub.

In this blog we’ll be taking a look at five of the most powerful shower heads for low pressure systems, which will perfect your pressure and make your daily wash feel like a power shower!

1. Vado Atmosphere Air-Injected 200mm Shower Head

The air-injected technology behind this stylish Vado shower head is primed for boosting water pressure, while maximising water saving. With a 12-year guarantee, this clever piece of kit looks great and performs even better, offering a high pressure shower experience without wasting a drop.

2. Hansgrohe Raindance Select E 120 Hand-Held Shower Head

With three different pressure settings available at the simple press of a button, this beautifully designed hand-held shower head can be customised to offer your perfect shower, whatever your water pressure. Compatible with pressures ranging from 1-6, this smart shower head also incorporates a ‘quick clean’ system making it very easy to wipe clear of limescale.

3. 2.0 LPM Niagara Chrome Handheld Massage

The Niagara handheld shower head is all about economy and quality. Not only does it come with a pleasingly small price tag, it’s also been designed to reduce water wastage, ideal if you’re on the meter. Complete with a 10-year guarantee, this shower head is specifically designed to work well in low pressure settings, while also reducing water use by 20%! It’s a win-win – albeit a small one.

4. Ecocamel Jetstorm E

Specifically recommended for low pressure and electrical showers, this shower head packs a punch despite its tiny price. If you’re struggling with a shower that’s little more than a trickle, this shower head could boost the force of your flow and reduce your water usage too. Some reviews claim this shower head has taken them from a trickle to a torrent!

5. Housler Super Low Water Pressure Boosting Shower Head

This high flow rate, large bore shower head has been designed especially for low pressure settings, giving users more high pressure showers. Sleekly designed, the shower head offers markedly improved flow, turning low pressure dribbles into far more powerful, pleasant jets. Reviews across the web are very favourable for showers in need of a bit more power.

Are your showers routinely ruined by low pressure? We can help. From recommending and installing products, to perfecting your plumbing to power up your pressure, our experienced plumbers can help. To find out more, contact our specialists on 01473 288 882.

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