7 of the World’s Most Expensive Bathrooms

The words that first spring to mind are lavish, extravagant and most of all costly, yes these are some of the world’s most expensive bathrooms, and as you can see, not a single expense has been spared.

1. Don’t Touch the Gold



Where better to start then a solid gold bathroom? According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this is the most expensive bathroom in the world, coming in at $2.3b. Of course, you can’t use the toilet, so it’s not a whole lot of use.

2. Now That’s a View


This magnificent bathroom in Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia is beautifully reminiscent of something out of a James Bond movie. Why not add a perfect view to your luxury bathroom?

3. Marble, Marble and More Marble


Guess what, this marble bathroom is worth $17million…worth every penny.

4. Smart Showering



This bathroom may not have the immediate WOW factor like some of the bathrooms in this list, but it has the dubious title of the smartest bathroom here. That shower engages several senses with touch, smell and sight. It changes colours and releases beautiful senses.

5. A Thorough Shower



Pretty hard to miss the spot this multi-directional shower. This luxurious shower room features one of the best shower products on the market.


6. Fireplace in the Bathroom



Nothing says cosy like a roaring fire place, and that seems to apply to bathrooms as well. This lavishly decorated bathroom literally spells out the word HOMELY.

7. Bathroom Aquarium


Users of this bathroom share their time with a number of aquatic creatures in what is a stunningly atmospheric bathroom, and definitely our favourite on the list.

What are your favourite bathrooms on the list? If you would like to discuss your new bathroom, get in touch with Plumb Mate today.

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