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Is Your Bathroom Baby Proof?

Your new arrival is on its way, the colour’s been chosen and the spare room’s been decorated. Next up, baby proofing.

Most parents will install a stair gate, protect sharp edges and securely fasten kitchen cabinets and appliances, but what about the bathroom?

Crawling babies and toddlers are inquisitive at the best of times. One minute they’re by your side, the next they’re off exploring the house and investigating every nook and cranny. The bathroom seems to be a particularly alluring prospect!

Keeping them safe at all times can feel like mission impossible, so we’ve scoured various books and websites to put together a helpful checklist for bathroom baby proofing.

The Bathroom Checklist

  • Under no circumstances should a child be left unsupervised
  • Anything hot, poisonous, sharp or heavy must be kept out of reach, and if possible, out of sight
  • Securely fasten free units and mirrors to the wall
  • Medication and cleaning agents must be kept out of reach and stored securely – preferably, in a locked cupboard
  • Exposed water pipes (usually found in older homes) should be covered with purpose-built or foam protectors to prevent bumps and burns
  • Cover all electrical outlets to prevent electrocution
  • Use non-slip mats on the floor, in the bathtub and in your shower
  • Foam and inflatable covers are available to guard metal tap fixings, preventing bumps and bruises
  • Don’t leave taps running and start by filling your bath with cold water then slowly add hot to avoid scolds
  • Toilet seat clasps are readily available and have the added bonus of getting your partner to put the seat down after use! Fitting a soft-close seat/lid is also a good idea
  • Door locks which lock from the outside are easily sourced to ensure the room is off limits to little ones when not in use

We hope you’ve found these tips useful? Should you wish to discuss soft-close toilet seats or any other bathroom accessory, please get in touch or visit our showrooms in Ipswich and Hadleigh.

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