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Bathroom Design: To Carpet or Not to Carpet?

Granted, it’s not quite Shakespearian in its scale, but the decision to carpet your bathroom floor is still a pretty important one. At Plumb Mate, we have a range of bathroom furniture and accessories to suit any type of flooring, whether it’s carpet, tile, laminate or vinyl. In this guide, we’re going to look at the pros and cons of carpet in the bathroom and explore a few of the things you need to be aware of.

Carpet in the Bathroom? Surely Not.

Traditionally, carpet has been overlooked as a potential option for bathroom floors, but why? Clearly there are some negatives associated with the use of carpet, but then there are some pretty compelling advantages too.

The Pros…

Why would you want carpet in the bathroom? Well, the warmth a carpet brings to a space that you will be visiting first thing in the morning, in the evening and often in the middle of the night, is an undoubted benefit. However, some carpets are warmer than others. If warmth is a major factor in your decision, think about shaggy rags and those with a nice thick pile. They’ll also feel lovely under your feet!

Another benefit of using carpet in the bathroom is the safety factor. Bathroom floors can become extremely slippery when wet and this is one of the biggest causes of accidents in the home. As long as it has a non-slip backing, a carpet or rug made specifically for bathroom use will prevent slipping under foot.

One of the primary reasons you might choose not to carpet your bathroom is the fact that it’s bound to get wet. While this is certainly true, carpets made specifically for the bathroom will remain odourless even when damp. They can also protect you from the bacteria that form in such humid environments.

Carpeted bathrooms can look great, particularly in a larger space when paired with high quality bathroom fittings. For example, our Laura Ashley bathroom collection would look particularly good when complemented with a soft, fluffy carpet underfoot.

The Cons…

Arguably, you will find tiled, laminate or vinyl bathroom flooring easier to keep clean. Simply mop them down to keep them fresh, clean and bacteria free. Carpets will require a little more work and can be difficult to keep dry.

The dampness factor is certainly a consideration when picking appropriate flooring for your bathroom. Humidity, steam and the subsequent mould will lead to the rapid deterioration of any soft furnishings, which is why if you do choose to go the carpet route, you’ll need carpets that have been designed specifically for bathroom use.

How Can We Help?

If you’re looking for quality bathroom furniture and accessories to complement your beautifully carpeted bathroom, we stock a gorgeous range from leading manufacturers to help you create your perfect space. We also offer a free bathroom design service!

To arrange a visit with one of our bathroom specialists, simply get in contact with Plumb Mate today or call in to one of our showrooms.

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