DIY vs Using a Tradesperson

Most of us have done a little DIY here and there, but there comes a time when we all need to put down the wrench and pick up the...

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A Guide to Plumbing Apprenticeships for Applicants & Employers

Due to the unique skills required and the often challenging environments they need to work in, plumbers are some of the tradespeople in shortest supply across the UK. The...

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Design Ideas for Small Wet Rooms

When you start Pinning ideas for your new wet room, it can be easy to build up a whole collection of images of cavernous hotel bathrooms or palatial spaces....

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Christmas wishes from Plumb Mate

Plumb Mate Festive Opening Hours

May your bathtubs be as white as fresh snow and your fittings sparkle like fairy lights because Christmas is finally upon us! We’ve had the most wonderful time this...

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Plumbing Apprenticeships – How to Make a Splash in the Trade

If you’ve got your ear to the pipes, you’re probably aware of the current ongoing shortage of skilled individuals in the plumbing industry and therefore the potentially lucrative prospect...

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Water saving tips for your bathroom

Top Water Saving Tips for Your Bathroom and Kitchen

With environmentalism at the forefront of so much of what’s new in design, eco-friendly bathrooms and kitchens that conserve and save water are absolute must-haves in any modern home....

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Creative shower thoughts

Shower Thoughts – Why We’re Most Creative in the Shower

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have found that your best and most creative thoughts come to you while you’re in the shower, but did you know that there’s...

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Bathroom renovation tips

How to Renovate Your Only Bathroom

Renovating your only bathroom is undoubtedly a big step. It’s high time that lime green bathroom suite was ripped out and dumped in the skip where it belongs, but...

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Most powerful shower heads

5 Most Powerful Shower Heads: Ensuring the Best Pressure

If you love a good shower, you’ll know that great water pressure is the key to a wonderful wash. But if your flow isn’t quite up to scratch, there...

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Christmas wishes from Plumb Mate

Christmas Wishes from Plumb Mate

If there’s one time of the year when you’re looking forward to getting that new bathroom fitted ready for the visit of your family and friends, it has to...

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