MultiPanel Wet Wall Panelling

If you’re looking for an alternative to tile grouting or at looking for a fresher look for your bathroom, MultiPanel will be a great solution for you.

With their current range within 32 decorative styles, from a Classic Marble to modern sparkles design, in a number of different textured finished, there is sure to be one to complete your bathroom project.

One of MultiPanel’s greatest strengths along with its great finish is the speed and ease in which it can be fitted on a multitude of different surfaces. It is quick and easy to lay as the start of a new project or quickly reinvigorate an old bathroom without substantial cost.

Waterproof Bathroom Wall Cladding

It is crucial that any wall cladding within the bathroom is waterproof to ensure that quality of the finish remains long after fitting and ward against water damage. MultiPanel benefits from a specially engineered hyro-lock and groove tongue, designed provide a watertight seal, which is barely visible.

To ensure for a perfect seal, MultiPanel provide PVC edging to hide unappealing end caps as well as a two-part shower track and sealing system. The whole thing comes together to ensure that it is sturdy, flexible, hygienic and most of all, visually appealing.

MultiPanel Stocked By Plumb Mate

Plumb Mate are MultiPanel bathroom cladding stockists and can advise on the best way to use this type of wet wall panelling to give your bathroom the flawless finish you require.

To see the MultiPanel range, just visit Plumb Mate’s Ipswich or Hadleigh showrooms or for further information you can contact us today and one of our expert advisors will get back to you as soon as possible.

“Ian and his team at Plumb Mate are all absolutely superb. Their knowledge is second to none when it comes to bathrooms and they were very patient whilst I chose my new bathroom. I would recommend Plumb Mate to anyone with a new bathroom in mind.”

Steven Wilson

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