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Do People Decorate Their Bathrooms at Christmas?

I think we’d all agree that Christmas seems to arrive earlier every year?

Last year, a study by the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) based on festive Google searches suggested we start thinking about Christmas as early as August. This is quite a leap when you consider in 2007 we left it as late as November, apparently.

By no means conclusive, the RSS study does at least confirm what we all suspect – Christmas is getting earlier.

Christmas stuff creeps into the shops before Halloween is done and dusted, the classic ‘Holidays are Coming’ Coca-Cola ad runs from mid-November (others start on 1st November), and whatever happened to putting your tree up a week before Christmas? Some of you – you know who you are – seem to think 1st December is now an acceptable time to “trim up”.

Deck the Bathroom with Boughs of Holly?

So, how far do you take it?

We’ve all seen the homes with every square inch of house and garden plastered in flashing lights, festive characters and giant inflatables, but what about inside? Do these people lavish the same attention on their bathrooms? And we don’t mean adding a fig and frankincense candle or a Santa-themed bath set, we’re looking for the full works.

Bathroom Design Inspiration

Bathrooms are typically seen as cooler rooms, dominated by shades of white, powder blue or pastel green. What better way to introduce some warmth than with a string of tinsel, a handful of baubles and a full-size Christmas tree? Just be careful where you put the holly wreath!

Check these out if you need some inspiration…

Christmas bathroom with stars

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If your bathroom’s a festive feast for the eyes, we’d love to see some pics, so please share them with us using the social media links below.

In the meantime, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

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