Design Ideas for Small Wet Rooms

When you start Pinning ideas for your new wet room, it can be easy to build up a whole collection of images of cavernous hotel bathrooms or palatial spaces. The reality, however, is usually much more restricted! If you’re planning a wet room in a small space, take heart; wet rooms are especially well suited to areas where space is limited as they allow you to ditch traditional layouts in exchange for much more economical design.

Take a look at our top design ideas for small wet rooms for some inspiration:

Keep things light

Like any compact area, small wet rooms look better when decorated in lighter colours as dark or bold shades can be overwhelming in small spaces. That’s not to say you’re restricted to white (although we love a classic white tile!), pale or neutral colours work just as well. We particularly love sand-coloured marble and aquamarine glass tiles.

Use mirrors

Talking of light, good lighting can make any space look bigger. Large mirrors are especially effective at reflecting light and creating the illusion of space.


Create focal points

Small spaces do not take clutter well. Rather than filling your wet room with all sorts, look for bathroom furniture that has multiple uses such as one large cabinet where you can store both toiletries and towels, for example. You can also create focal points with decoration; one large plant will look better than lots of little ones (top tip: peace lilies do well in low-light and steamy conditions!) while choosing one feature wall to decorate with patterned tiles will make the space look less cluttered than covering all of your walls with a pattern.

Choose your era

While larger bathrooms can easily accommodate a modern toilet alongside a classical style bath, a mishmash of design styles can be confusing in a small wet room. Whether you love sleek contemporary tiles and state-of-the-art bathroom accessories or you’re all about vintage upcycled bathroom furniture, try to pick one style and stick to it.

Place accessories carefully

While one of the benefits of a wet room is that your floor and walls are protected by full waterproofing, you do need to be aware that everything else in the room is liable to get wet too – whether from steam or splashing. This doesn’t tend to be a problem for sinks and toilets but it’s a good idea to place toilet roll holders and towel racks as far from the shower as possible – or opt for a heated towel rack to keep them dry.



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