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At Plumb Mate, we are the local experts in helping our customers create their perfect bathroom. We understand the importance that bathroom plays in the home and so take the time to help our customers find the fixtures and fittings that they need, as well as identifying the best brands to suit your favoured styles. We boast two showrooms bursting with inspiration and ideas for your perfect bathroom.

Finding Your Style

We all have a style that we absolutely love when it comes to home décor, but for a lot of us, we do not know what that style is until we find it. Inspiration for this style can be found in a number of places; friend’s homes, brand catalogues or even watching television. Never stop looking for ideas about your preferred style, they can be found in the strangest of places.

Choosing a Theme

Many DIY lovers pick a theme throughout their household. Perhaps a colour scheme or something that is important to them and their families. A theme can come from anywhere and be related to something that is in your past, or even something that you have seen in another bathroom. Why not create a mood board, to get an idea of the colours and styles that you all like?

Visit Our Showrooms

If you’re lost for inspiration, a trip to Plumb Mate, will help you see the ideas you love in the flesh, helping you visualise the finished product. We’re happy to guide you through the possibilities of each bathroom idea, and you never know, you may discover something entirely new.

We welcome our customers to visit us in Ipswich or Hadleigh, and look forward to meeting you. To arrange a visit to one of our showrooms with one of our bathroom specialists, get in contact with Plumb Mate today.

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