Save Money With Your Plumbing

We’re all looking to save money where we can, but it can be hard to find where to cut costs. Whilst we would never suggest doing any DIY on the cheap, it is possible to save money and cut potentially growing costs with some very simple tricks.

Keep Drains Clean

It pays to keep your drains and waste pipes nice, clean and healthy. Uncared for drains can get clogged up and smelly, which is bad news for your nose and can lead to nasty blockages. Luckily, its really easy to keep your kitchen drain spick and spam – with no need for harsh chemicals and expensive off-the-shelf drain cleaners. Here’s how:

1) Tip a good cupful of bicarbonate of soda down your drain

2) Follow this with a kettle full of boiling water

3) Repeat once a month to keep your drains fresh, clean and clog-free!

Stop Dripping

Dripping taps can be very bad news for your water bill. A constant drip can add up to an awful lot of water overnight. That’s why it’s so important to fix a drip before it starts to take its toll.

Your first port of call is to change the offending tap’s washer. Don’t be daunted, this is nice and easy. The Guardian have even kindly put together a step-by-step picture tutorial to help you.

If this doesn’t work, or if you have a crack in the tap, it’s time to replace your fixtures. Again, don’t sweat it, this is usually pretty easy. If you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself, call in the pros.

Look After the Taps

You can help to reduce the risk of a drip or leak by looking after your taps better in the first place. Limescale can do some real damage to fixtures and leave them looking white, crusty and horrible. To get rid of these nasty limescale stains, all you need is a mixture of 1 part water, 1 part (cheap) white wine vinegar and some old towels to protect your ceramics.

This formula works brilliantly on limescaley taps, but it’s not very good for ceramic sinks, plastic toilet seats and their ilk – so keep everything that’s not chrome covered up with an old towel. Otherwise, simply apply and add some elbow grease – your fixtures will be gleaming in no time for next to nothing.

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