The 7 Coolest Bathroom Gadgets Ever

It’s fairly widely accepted that the bathroom is one of, if not the most important room in the home in terms of the value of the house, so we’re always looking to improve our bathroom environment as well as our experience.

These 7 bathroom gadgets will certainly add a luxurious, high tech feel to your bathroom experience.

Heated Toilet Seat

There is nothing worse first thing in the morning than a cold toilet seat, and this brilliantly thought out gadget from UltraTouch, will ensure that you never have the uncomfortable experience of planting yourself on a freezing cold toilet seat again.

Check out the Heated Toilet Seat here.

WiFi Scales

So much more than just a number, these WiFi scales from Withings record your weight, fat mass and body mass index, giving you strong feedback regarding your health. And, as if that isn’t enough, you can upload your body analysis data to social media.

Check out the WiFi Scales here.

Wireless Headset

Who doesn’t like to unwind in the bath? And what better way to do so then with a pair of super safe wireless headphones, perfect for listening to music from your wall mounted MP3 player? These Euphonia Waterproof Wireless Headphones are a really cool bathroom gadget.

Check out the Euphonia Wireless Headset here.

Bathroom Mirror TV

Pricey it may be, but this built in mirror TV is the ultimate in bathroom luxury. When turned off the TV seamlessly disappears into the mirror, but when on, the Eclipse Mirror TV offers incredible HD viewing, all whilst your brushing your teeth in the morning.

Check out the Bathroom Mirror TV here.

Smart Toothbrush

Talking of brushing your teeth, why not make sure you’re doing a really decent job with Oral B’s ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000. It’s separate, wireless SmartGuide, provides important details about brushing times, pressure, and other oral hygiene essentials. As it happens, the brush doubles as a bathroom clock.

Check out the Oral B SmartSeries 5000 here.

Thermostat Spout Cover

When its important to keep your bath at just the right temperature, a thermometer spout cover is ideal. Being easy to install and fitting most bathroom suites, this is a particularly great gadgets for mums with small babies.

Check out the Thermometer Spout Cover here.

Baby Shampoo Cap

No one likes getting water and shampoo in their eyes, least of all babies, which is why this cap is perfect for making bath time, just a little bit more fun for your baby. At just under £2, we think this is a fairly sound purchase.

Check out the Baby Shampoo Cap here.

What is your favourite Bathroom gadget from our list? Do you have a great gadget to add?

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