Transforming your bathroom

Useful Tips To Transform Your Bathroom

Whether you spend a lot of time in your bathroom or not, a few tips on how to update it are always helpful. Here are a few tips to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary that you will enjoy using everyday.

Be unique with your wall art

A touch of elegant wall décor can enhance the impression of any bathroom space, augmenting the warm and welcoming ambiance of your household. However, it is always important to think about whom your bathroom is geared towards, as these factors will affect any wall décor plans. For example, if your bathroom is tailored to young children, hand artwork featuring cute colourful graphics.

Unique Bathroom Art

If however you are after a bathroom that resembles a spa, wall art featuring images of ponds, calm water flows; waterfalls or other natural elements can be extremely effective. Alternatively, and if your budget allows, you can bring nature inside and create a fantastic feature wall using natural coloured stones.

Natural looking bathroom

Stylish Storage

Many people have storage issues in their bathroom complaining that there just isn’t enough room to fit all the essentials such as towels, toiletries and of course the crucial bathroom accessories.

Here are two quick and easy smart storage solutions that can be achieved with even the smallest bathroom budget.

A large bathroom storage case behind the mirror will hold all the essentials and won’t get in the way.

Clever bathroom storage

Maximize the space in your bathroom by adding a shelf over the door to store extra items such as toilet paper or towels.

Bathroom storage

Make the most out of mirrors

Mirrors are far more versatile than we initially think. They can be one of the best tools for opening up your bathroom and making it look much more spacious. The general rule… you can never have to many.

On the downside, mirrors can be quite expensive, especially larger ones. A handy tip for those trying to create the illusion of a larger bathroom with a small budget is to purchase a few mirrors and group them together. Small mirror are easily found and can be painted and edited to suit your bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors

Make good use of bathroom accessories

Finishing touches can really help to transform a bathroom. If chosen correctly they can enrich your space and help to bring your overall design together.

Candles are a fantastic addition to the bathroom and are perfect if you have a small budget. You can use them to mimic the feel of a luxury spa through both sight and smell. Not only that, the warm light achieved with candles will also create a welcoming atmosphere.

The right choice of bath linen can also transform the look and feel of your bathroom. Pick out a few accent colours for your towels and bathmats. Choosing high quality linen will help to add that little bit of added luxury.

Lastly make sure you look for finishes that go with your chosen design style. Choose stylish finishes and arrange accessories together on shelves and counters to create and attractive compositions that will enhance the look and feel of your bathroom.

Bathroom accessories

For more bathroom tips we are pleased to be able to provide a professional design service to assist our clients with their perfect bathroom. Click here to arrange a consultation with one of our experts.

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