Walk In Showers

A walk in shower can add a certain touch of quality and class to a bathroom, and no small amount of luxury. At Plumb Mate, we stock a large number of walk in shower options, helping our customers to find the right look for their bathroom and the best options for their shower. But why should you choose a walk in shower?


On a daily basis, a walk in shower generally requires very little maintenance in comparison to other shower solutions. A simple solution of warm soap water to clean the glass and the shower tray is generally all you will need to keep the shower looking just as good as new.


Whilst there are associated costs with remodelling bathrooms to suit a walk in shower, the actual cost of the shower enclosure is generally quite low, and even the cheapest options maintain a luxurious feel and look.

Long Lasting

Generally, walk in showers last a long time, and many of Plumb Mate’s walk in shower products come with long warrantees and guarantees. This may not always be the case with other shower options.

Easy to Use

Whoever you are, a walk in shower is the easiest option, particularly if you have a busy and hectic work life. For less able consumers, the walk in shower is the best showering choice, and is understandably popular.


No one can deny that walk in showers look great, absolutely great. It is rare that a product combines practicality with style, but the walk in shower achieves it with confidence and aplomb.

The walk in shower is an understandably popular option and one that we recommend you make the most of.

We welcome our customers to visit us in one of our Suffolk-based showrooms, and look forward to meeting you. To arrange a visit to one of our showrooms with one of our bathroom specialists, get in contact with Plumb Mate today.

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