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Wet Rooms Vs. Traditional Bathrooms: Which is Right for You?

It’s easy to be seduced by the idea of a wet room. While a bathroom sounds somewhat pedestrian and run-of-the-mill, even the word “wet room” sounds flashy and glamorous. But wet rooms are not for everyone and, in many cases, a more conventional bathroom can be a better fit and every bit as glamorous with the right design, fixtures and fittings.

So which option is right for your refurb? In this blog we’ll be pitting wet rooms against bathrooms, running through the pros and cons to help you decide on the plumbing solution which will suit you, your property and your lifestyle best.

Perfect Space Saving Solution

One of the biggest boons of a wet room has to be its economy when it comes to space saving. With no need for shower trays or doors, it’s easy to make a small area feel less cramped, giving you much more room for your daily routine. Traditional bathrooms, on the other hand can feel cluttered, even with a shower unit instead of a bath, thanks to the sheer amount of bulky fittings required for installation.

Practical & Accessible

Both bathrooms and wet rooms have their own particular practical merits. For anyone with mobility difficulties or who likes a faff-free routine, wet rooms are brilliantly accessible, with no need to step into shower trays, climb into baths or deal with doors – simply wash and go!

When it comes to installation, however, bathrooms are often the most practical. Because wet rooms allow water to flow freely across the entire floorspace before flowing down a central drain, they absolutely must be professionally and properly waterproofed. If your waterproofing should fail, significant damage can be done to your property.

Contemporary Style

Synonymous with spas and upmarket properties, wet rooms are widely considered to be a stylish and contemporary option. But there are plenty of bathroom designs which are just as on trend. From vintage claw-foot tubs, to modern fixtures and fittings, these choices are neck-and-neck in the style stakes depending on your personal taste. In general, wet rooms are great for creating a chic, modern look, while bathrooms offer more opportunity to exercise your interior design creativity.

Comfort & Privacy

Unless you have the means to install underfloor heating, a wet room may not be as cosy and comfortable as a more traditional bathroom, which can be carpeted. Bath mats are also out, so you might have to get used to tiptoeing across the cold tiles. Aside from chilliness, wet rooms can also be more slippery, and can feel less private, which can be more hazardous and not to everyone’s taste respectively.

From wet rooms to bathrooms, the Plumb Mate team can help you design your dream space for bathing and relaxing. With showrooms in Ipswich and Hadleigh, plus a free bespoke design service ideal for helping you create your ultimate bathroom or wet room; we provide expert advice and a professional service to domestic and trade customers. To find out more, contact our bathroom specialists on 01473 288 882.

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