When Do You Turn Your Heating On?

It’s the age old debate, held across the country in offices and homes for years, when should you switch on the heating in your house?

You know the types, some people have the heating on full blast at the first sign of a cloud, whilst there are those who need to be wrapped in layers of animal fur, before they even consider the possibility of turning the heat up. But who is right? When should the heating be turned on?

Finding the Answer

To find the correct answer to this age old dilemma, we consulted that font of all knowledge, the World Wide Web.

“But how can the internet solve this problem?” we hear you cry. Don’t worry there is method behind our madness and that’s Google.

Imagine this, you wake up not wanting to get out of bed because it feels like you may freeze the moment you set foot outside your lovely warm bed. The only option is to run to the central heating controls to switch it on, but 15 mins later it’s still cold… why isn’t the heating working? If it’s the first time you’ve switched your heating on this year, chances are you need to bleed your radiators.

Nowadays the first reaction in this kind of situation is to Google “how do I turn my heating on?” or “how to bleed a radiator?” – luckily for us, Google does share with us when people search for things like this, which gives us a good indication of when you turn your heating on.

So, we looked at a few Google searches, and more specifically, when people were searching for them to answer this question for good.

“how to bleed a radiator”

We started with the phrase, “how to bleed a radiator”, as  for most of us, it’s not something we worry about until we’re feeling a little chilly. Over the past 10 years the results are pretty clear – those large spikes are when more people started looking.

As you can see, people aren’t that interested in how to bleed their radiator up until the end August , every single year, until September arrives, when there is consistently a big jump – because it’s getting cold!


We did the same test on the word “heating” and again there are no prizes for guessing what we saw here!

Once again, people aren’t interested in searching for heating on Google until the begin of September when once again there is a sudden spike. Interestingly, the peaks are in December – which could be because of people’s heating stopping working when it’s really cold.

You can see where we’re going with this right?

“turning on heating”

We did one final test, with the phrase “turning on heating” (because we’re that scientific), and the results just kept on backing us up.

Guess what? Yep, the results were almost exactly the same as the previous two tests, only differing in that a few years worth of data were missing.

So When Should we Turn our Heating on?

Whilst we can’t answer this for you, we can definitely say when most people are thinking about this in the UK – between August and November. That won’t shock or amaze anyone out there as that’s when temperature drops, however, it does seem like October and November are when the majority of people start to do it.

A clear(ish) verdict then, September heating is pretty early and those that can hang on until November may be distant relations to a polar bear. But for those of you who have been insulted or criticised for turning your turning your heating on a little earlier in the year, take pride in your September heating… Plumb Mate salutes you!

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