Why Plumbers Make the Best Neighbours

At Plumb Mate, we appreciate the noble art of the plumber, and how important they are to the local community. Let’s be honest here, living next door to a plumber must be pretty awesome, particularly when you have a problem with a leaky tap or some other such plumbing issue, and it seems that data from Edge Foundation backs this up.

Statistics showed that 72% of people would rather live next door to a plumber than a politician. Perhaps not the most surprising statistic ever, however the data also showed that we are more likely to ask our neighbours for help with plumbing problems than with a medical emergency, which goes to show just how much we value skilled professions.

Some other interesting facts to come from the research included:

  • Over half of people felt that they had saved money by asking neighbours for help
  • 59% of people said they have asked for help from a neighbour in the past 12 months
  • Actor is the least valued neighbour

Have you ever asked a neighbour for help, or are you hero in your neighbourhood?

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